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  • PEW30037
  • Philip duBarry
Ancient Balinese legend describes a host of powerful spirits who help poor rice farmers achieve... mehr
Produktinformationen "Rice Dice: A Spirit of the Rice - EN"

Ancient Balinese legend describes a host of powerful spirits who help poor rice farmers achieve success. These farmers have long used a sophisticated irrigation system to organize rice cultivation by integrating religious devotion and social responsibility with traditional farming methods. Even modern farmers seek to placate the spirit world in their quest to produce an abundant harvest.

Rice Dice is a streamlined dice game version of Spirits of the Rice Paddy. Players familiar with that game will feel at home with Rice Dice. New players will find Rice Dice to be a great introduction to its big brother. Roll the custom dice and choose one action based on the results: Add rice paddy cards to your field using the card action, run water through your paddies, or assign laborers to plant and harvest. Harvesting gains players rice, which is essential to winning, but paddies with weeds produce less rice so it’s essential to assign laborers to keep paddies clean.

Like Spirits of the Rice Paddy, Rice Dice rewards a player’s ability to optimize the process of flooding, planting, weeding, and harvesting. But it plays in just a fraction of the time!

This is the RETAIL version of Rice Dice: A Spirit of the Rice. Dieses Spiel ist nur in Englisch erhältlich.

This retail version of Rice Dice will contain: 30 paddy cards, 5 custom rice dice, 1 game board, 24 wooden weed counters, 10 wooden meeples (2 in each of 5 colors), 20 punchboard water tokens, 20 punchboard plant tokens, 5 reference cards, Solo play component, 1 rule sheet

Spieler: 2-4
Alter: ab 13
Dauer: 90 min
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ACHTUNG: Nicht für Kinder unter drei Jahren geeignet.
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